2 pins 5 pin ball
Fun for children       -       A break for parents
What Is It?
an afternoon of fun for your child(ren)
an afternoon of time off for parents
2 hours of 5 pin bowling, followed by a drink and a snack
2 to 3 hours total break time
only $15 per child*
*paid at the bowling alley, or $12 paid in advance

girl bowling boy bowling

Drop your children off at Gratton Lanes** on Friday, Sept 27, between 11:00 and 11:20, then at 11:20 we head in and bowl for 2 hours (from 11:30 to 1:30). After the bowling, the kids get to choose a snack and drink from the vending machines. You can pick your children up between 1:30 and 2. You can even stay and watch the fun if you want. Stay for a bit at dropoff, come back early, or stay for the whole time. I do need at least 1 volunteer to stay for the whole time. (details below)
**around back of 39 Chambers St. Plaza in Smiths Falls
The fun is scheduled for Friday, Sept 27, a PA day, but preschoolers can come and have fun too, as long as they are old enough to roll a ball and are potty trained.
cost: $15 per child ($12 if paid by Sept 25)
Cost includes shoes, bowling, and 1 snack and drink. Where else can you send your child (and give yourself a break) for around 2 to 3 hours of fun for that price?
Volunteers Needed
I'm a mid 50's male who has had a lot of experience with children, and I've recently received my First Aid - CPR C - AED certificate. That shouldn't be needed, but if anything happens, I know what to do. If I have less than 8 children coming for the fun, an assistant would be good, but not necessary, but if there are more than 8 children, assistants are necessary. Let me know on my signup form if you want to volunteer as an assistant.
You can come and watch, or even bowl with us for free*** if you want.
***if there are more volunteers than needed, extras can still stay but will have to pay their own way if they want to bowl.
Further Details
The Plans...
- Bring your children to the bowling alley around back of 39 Chambers St. Plaza, or have someone drop them off, on Friday, Sept 27, between 11:00 and 11:20.
- We go inside for 11:30 to get bowling shoes, get our lanes, and get ready to bowl.
- Bowl from 11:30 to 1:30 with some training from myself as desired.
- We then get a snack and drink from the bowling alley vending machines.
- We then eat, drink, and chat while waiting for parents, or pre designated adults, to pick up the children.
- You pick up your children between 1:40 and 2:00.
If the children had fun, we may do it again the next PA day, Oct 25.
Legal Jargon...
This is a new idea, so for now the legal stuff will be simple, but will be more detailed later.
You will be required to sign a legal document acknowledging and agreeing to these legal matters.

- Illness
    If your child is ill on the bowling day, please DO NOT send or bring him/her if the illness can be contagious, or if it can interfere with others having fun. If your child gets sick, you will be notified, right away or later, depending how serious it is.
- Accident/Injury
    If your child gets hurt in any way while with us, we will take appropriate action. You will be told about minor injuries later, more serious injuries immediately, and very serious injuries right after we call 911.
- Discipline
    If discipline is needed, it will never be physical. They may lose out on their next turn, or get a 10 minute timeout. If they refuse to listen, you may be called to come get them.
- Photos
    I am a photographer and will be taking some pictures during the fun to preserve the memories. If you don't want your children included in any photos, just let me know. The photos will be on a password protected website within a week of the fun day, and all parents get free access to them to download high resolution copies of them. If you want prints, you can get them printed yourself, or I can print them for you for a small fee. You will have the option of signing a model release. Signing the release allows me to use any pictures/videos that include your children for future publicity on my websites or printed material. By signing the model release to allow me to use the photos, you get free access to full resolution copies of them.
If Interested...
Contact me no later than Friday, Sept 20.
Application Form: bowlingforfun.com/funbreakapply.html

If you have questions first, call or email ...
Cell: 613-206-2872 (call or text) or call 1-888-235-8961
Email: webmaster@bowlingforfun.com
Discounted advance payment of $12 will be required by Wednesday, Sept 25. Payment can be made in person, by Interac, or on the Internet by Paypal.
Regular payment of $15 will be made at the bowling alley on Sept 27, and must be paid in cash.