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Application Form

You can call or email me if you have any questions, but please use this form to apply so I have the necessary information.
Cell: 613-206-2872 (call or text) or call 1-888-235-8961
Email: webmaster@bowlingforfun.com

Parent or Legal Guardian
Alternate Phone: in case of emergency
Email Address: optional
Photos: check box to specify you DO NOT want pictures taken of your child
Volunteer: check box to let me know you are willing to volunteer as an assistant

Name(s) of Child(ren) to Attend
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Legal Matters
You will be required to sign a printed version of this legal document, acknowledging and agreeing to these legal matters.

- Illness
    If your child is ill on the bowling day, please DO NOT bring him/her if the illness can be contagious, or if it can interfere with others having fun. If your child gets sick, you will be notified, right away or later, depending how serious it is. If something needs to be done immediately, we will take appropriate action and contact you as soon as we can.
- Accident/Injury
    If your child gets hurt in any way while with us, we will take appropriate action. We will take care of minor injuries, like a small cut or scrape, and you will be told about them later. You will be told about more serious injuries immediately. We will take care of the injury and if the child wants to keep playing, it will be your choice if they stay or go home. In the case of very serious injuries, anything that requires immediate medical attention, we will contact you right after we call 911 or before we take them to the hospital.
- Discipline
    If discipline is needed, it will never be physical. They may lose out on their next turn, or get a 15 minute timeout. If they refuse to listen, you may be called to come get them.
- Photos
    I am a photographer and will be taking some pictures during the fun to preserve the memories. If you don't want your children included in any photos, just let me know. The photos will be on a password protected website within a week of the fun day, and all parents get free access to them to download high resolution copies of them. If you want prints, you can get them printed yourself, or I can print them for you for a small fee. You will have the option of signing a model release. Signing the release allows me to use any pictures/videos that include your children for future publicity on my websites or printed material. By signing the model release to allow me to use the photos, you get free access to full resolution copies of them.