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My name is Mike. I'm not a pro bowler, will never be a coach, and I'm not famous or popular in any way. This site may change that last part though. ;) So why am I putting up a site about bowling? Simple, I like bowling and like doing websites, plus I own a website hosting company so it costs me nothing to put up websites. If I were to bill myself for the design work and hosting for all my personal sites, I could probably retire. LOL

Seriously now, as a kid I bowled in the YBC league for 2 years, then bowled for fun now and then until around 1994. I never bowled again until I moved to London, ON in 2004. Partly because where I lived before was a small city and for half of the last 10 years they didn't have a bowling alley. When I moved to London, one of the first things I did was check out the bowling alley(s). They have more than 1. I moved there in July and in August I signed up for a league to start in September. I got into it much more than when I was younger, and even bought my first real ball on December 4, 2004. I'm now a serious amateur and don't plan to take another 10 years off again. In January, 2005, I started doing some searching on the web to learn more about bowling, and bowling balls, and found that there is lots of information, but it's not always easy to find. I decided to put up a website about bowling for the fun of it and so I can put links to all the bowling sites I find in one place. That's how bowlingforfun.com came to be.

My Equipment all fingertip drilled
December 4, 2004 - my first real ball - 2001 Blue Hammer (my main ball)
January 29, 2005 - had to improve my spare conversions - Big Blue Spare (my spare, of course)
March 22, 2005 - opportunity I couldn't pass - Ebonite Shockwave (nice when the oil starts to thin out)

Here are pictures of my bowling balls.
2001 Blue Hammer picture of
spare ball
coming soon
Ebonite Shock Wave

My Scores
I got my first 200, 210 to be exact, on the morning of April 4, 2005. I haven't hit a 200 in my league bowling yet, but did get a 189 and 194. The 194 was all strikes and spares until the 10th frame. I think I got tense. I missed 1 pin and didn't even spare it because that would have been my first 200 game and my first game with no open frames. My current average as of September is 135. It was 126 and has been rising steadily since I got my first real ball. I should be hitting a 200 in league bowling shortly.

My Future Plans
I currently bowl in one league which is almost over. I will be bowling in 1 summer league soon, and in September I plan to bowl in 2 leagues for double the fun. I haven't bowled in any competitions yet, but hope to in the near future.

I may put more here later, but first I'm going to get more of the site up.

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